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Yes, 10/10 service! What a doll! After a long day at work, you arrive home. Once it gets dark, you head to bed. When you open the bedroom door, she is standing there—hot, seductive, and eager for some action. After feasting your eyes on her beauty, you undress and climb into your cozy bed’s soft covers. While lying on your side, you run your hand up and down her lovely body, examining each curve and fissure. Her skin is incredibly smooth, making holding her a delight.

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Yes, Great doll and service. Shipping was quick. The factory promptly gave me a replacement wig after I told support that the doll had the wrong wig when it arrived, so that’s good. The doll actually is lovely and I think it is much better than pictures on their site haha! The doll’s breasts are amazing, and it’s the right size for me. It worked great right after being unpacked on the first evening. many thanks for everything.

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Yes, the service is great and the dolls are charming. I bought an inexpensive doll to try out before investing a lot of money. The ordering and shipping process went very smoothly. Shipping was fairly quick, everything was as it should be, and there were no problems. The staff got back to me quickly (via email) and confirmed all the details. The doll is fantastic! She is very sexy. The contact with the seller was great as well! They are as helpful as they can be and answer your questions quickly. All in all, I highly recommend.

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Yes, I would recommend this doll. I love my new doll very much. She is well proportioned and has a lovely face. She is very pretty, more like a work of art. She looks very nice and whenever I have her in my room, I step up my exercise and keep the house neat and clean. I love my new doll very much. Thank you all very much! I would also like to thank the customers who answered my many questions.